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When it comes to sports betting news, no one does it better than Casinos Georgia. Here, you can find the latest and most relevant basketball news from the best professional and college level basketball leagues and tournaments.

Lee Hyun-jung declares for the NBA draft

Today, the NBA made an announcement about early candidates for the 2022 NBA Draft. According to the National Basketball Association, 283 players are filing for early entry candidates for the draft this year. Out of those, 247 are college basketball players and 36 are...

Best NBA Teams to Root for in the Near Future

Normally, people look at the roster of an NBA team, and, if there is a particularly popular player, then you know that they will be popular. The level of stardom that Steph Curry brought to the Golden State Warriors is phenomenal. Likewise, wherever James LeBron goes,...

Popular NCAA Basketball Teams for the Top Seeds

In the latest in college basketball news, we’ll talk about the up and coming NCAA Championship Tournament. With March Madness weeks away, many sports bettors are looking at who they will be rooting for to win the title this year. For now, wagers are being made on who...

NBA Trade Deadline Updates

The NBA Trade Deadline is coming up soon- at February 10, 3:00 PM ET. And as early as now, rumors and outcomes are starting to fill in the basketball news circuits. Let’s take a look at the latest NBA Trade Deadline updates that we have so far. Before we continue, you...

What Happened to Michigan?

When it comes to sports betting and gambling news, you will be hard pressed to find leagues that beats the popularity of college sports. Especially college basketball. So when it comes to NCAA basketball, a lot of discussion goes into the different schools that are...

NCAA Basketball Recap

During the offseason, you will read a lot of projections from experts. Many who learn how to become a bookie would take note of this, and compare them with league data as the season continues. Sometime, projections are accurate, while sometime, we get some surprises...

List of NBA Players Eligible for Trade This December 15

NBA general managers, as well as sportsbook pay per head bookies have blocked off December 15. It is, after all, a big day for the league. December 15 marks the day when players who have signed new contracts during the offseason can be traded. This basically launches...
Basketball News

Whether you are a basketball fan, or you use bookie software to earn money from sports betting, you can find whatever you need here. Get the latest basketball news from the NBA. Find out the latest rankings, league news, schedules, and more. Read about the hottest trades, future drafts, and get updates on your favorite players. Do you like college basketball? Get the latest news on your favorite teams here! 

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