Casey Mize Returns to the Detroit Tigers

Casey Mize Returns to the Detroit Tigers

If you bet on baseball in Georgia, then you are in for a very exciting season as we are seeing such a great start to the 2023 MLB season. We are also seeing a lot of high caliber players bringing their A-game. For instance, Casey Mize returns to the Detroit Tigers after an almost two-year absence due to a Tommy John and back surgery.

The 26-year-old lasted 4 1/3 innings and surrendered three runs on five hits and two walks in his first game back on the MLB field. He also struck out four of the 21 betters that came his way. Mize is coming in hot, with his fastball averaging 94.8 mph. This could be a great start for the Tigers with Mize back, and will mean that there will be a lot of wagers both on the Tigers and on Mize. Its best to learn how to be a baseball bookie now while the season is still in its early stages.

Casey Mize Returns to the Detroit Tigers

Casey Mize Returns to the Detroit TigersThis fastball is 1.4 mph faster than his average back in 2022. He also generated 10 swinging strikes against the Mets, and five of those were on the splitter that he is known for. He enters the new season with a career record that has a 4.29 ERA (100 ERA+) and a 2.64 strikeout-to-walk ratio in 188 2/3 innings.

Mize was hired by the Tigers from Auburn and has performed well despite his absence. His performance translates to about 2.8 Wins Above Replacement. And his WAR is quite good, and enough to even be more than the No.2 and No.3 picks in his batch’s draft. So the Tigers getting Mize is really a good investment on the part of the club.

This season, it will be up to Mize to show everyone how good he can play if he gets more time in the field. The Tigers are the only undefeated team in the MLB this season so far, so it will be interesting to see how long Mize and the Tigers can sustain this. In the meantime, you have enough time to read these sportsbook pay per head reviews and open a baseball sportsbook before they stretch, or break that streak.


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