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The Olympics is the most prestigious sports competition in the world. For centuries, the best athletes in the world would come together to represent their countries to be the best in their sport. Here at Casinos Georgia, we would like to bring you the latest Olympic News condensed in just one page, whether you are a fan or into sports betting.

India Announced Diplomatic Boycott of Beijing Olympics in the Last Minute

India announced diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Olympics after a commander appeared as a torchbearer. The commander was part of the border clashes between China and India in 2020. As a result, India’s top diplomat will not participate in the Opening Ceremony....

China Attempts Massive Bubble for Beijing Winter Olympics

In the latest in sports news, many are wondering how China will manage the Beijing Winter Olympics, considering the spread of the much more contagious Omicron variant of Covid around the world. With only two weeks away until the Winter Olympics kicks off, can China...

Will NHL Athletes Play in the Olympics?

The Hockey world was running as normal, at least, it seemed to be. NHL athletes were returning to the Olympic men’s hockey tournament. This was good, especially after missing the last Winter Games. Now, because of escalating Covid-19 cases across the league, there is...
Olympic News

If you are learning how to be a bookie, the Olympics is the perfect event for you to get to know practically each sport available in your sportsbook. From basketball to soccer, to skiing, swimming, and even skateboarding, the Olympics has it. And so do we. From the Summer to Winter Olympics, to qualifying events, all the way to the Olympics itself, we at Casinos Georgia will bring you the latest news and make it easy for you to catch up on this event.

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