League Announces New Schedule for Warriors Games

League Announces New Schedule for Warriors Games

As a bookie, you need to keep track of the latest sports betting news, this includes the latest schedules of the games people bet on. And in the NBA, things are heating up as we get into the playoffs. And recently, the sudden passing of the Golden State Warriors’ assistant coach Dejan Milojevic shocked everyone. The league, of course, postponed some of their games to give the team the time to grieve. Now, the league has announced the new schedule for Warriors games.

After the incident, two of the Warriors games were postponed. These are the changes that they will do for Friday’s schedule to help the team get back into the schedule, so that they can recover in a good pace to reach 82 games.


New Schedule for Warriors Games

League Announces New Schedule for Warriors GamesSports betting fans will be placing their bets in as soon as the schedule is out, so bookies should be ready for this. If you are using a good bookie software, then you will easily be able to handle the influx of Warriors games. The software will give you the latest odds, so you will just need to adjust the lines as needed.

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For the first postponed road game, which was supposed to be against the Utah Jazz back in January 17, is now on February 15. Then, the Warriors game hosting the Mavericks on January 19, which will be on April 2. There will also be a few games in April later in the season that they will still need to reschedule. Meanwhile, the Hawks game against the Mavericks on April 5 will be on April 4.


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