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No Legal Sports Betting in Georgia this Year

Monday, was the last session for the Legislature and the last chance for Georgia to legalize sports betting this year. Unfortunately, for sports betting fans in the Peach state, there will be No Legal Sports Betting in Georgia this year. Originally, a sports gambling...

The Global Gambling Market to Reach $876 Billion by 2026

As the popularity of gambling keeps increasing around the world, so does its market value. In 2020, the Global Gambling Market was worth $465.76 billion and went up to $510.03 billion in 2021. This was compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.8% due to companies...

Sports Betting in Oklahoma Update

While legal sports betting in Georgia is still not available, other states are making headways in legalizing sports gambling. According to sports betting news, Arkansas became the latest state to approve mobile sports betting. Furthermore, the neighboring state is...

Legal Georgia Sports Betting in 2022

At the moment, sports betting in Georgia remains illegal despite many efforts to make it legal. Last year, the Georgia state legislature came close but ran out of time during their 2021 legislative session. However, proponents of sports gambling are hoping to see...

Decentralization of the Gambling Industry Via Blockchain

Many pay per head sportsbook experts think that cryptocurrency and blockchain are the future of online gambling. As a result, people are expecting the decentralization of the gambling industry via blockchain. If you want to learn how to be a bookie, you must know the...
Gambling Industry News

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