Guide to Advanced Basketball Betting Types

There are other wagering options aside from the moneyline, point spread, and totals. You can also wager on advanced basketball betting types. This basketball betting guide will introduce several types of wagers you can use when betting on basketball games. Some advanced basketball wagering types include multiples, futures, teasers, andread more

Jockey Club Announced Deal with Playtech

There were concerns about Jockey Club’s latest deal. First, the Jockey Club announced deal with Playtech. Also, it involves the development of casino games using the organization’s racecourses and races. Playtech claims to have the best casino software on the market. Under the five-year deal, Playtech will develop a setread more

India Announced Diplomatic Boycott of Beijing Olympics in the Last Minute

India announced diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Olympics after a commander appeared as a torchbearer. The commander was part of the border clashes between China and India in 2020. As a result, India’s top diplomat will not participate in the Opening Ceremony. Following the move, India’s public telecaster Doordarshan additionallyread more