India Announced Diplomatic Boycott of Beijing Olympics in the Last Minute

India Announced Diplomatic Boycott of Beijing Olympics in the Last Minute

India announced diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Olympics after a commander appeared as a torchbearer. The commander was part of the border clashes between China and India in 2020. As a result, India’s top diplomat will not participate in the Opening Ceremony.

Following the move, India’s public telecaster Doordarshan additionally reported it won’t broadcast the opening and closing ceremonies live. According to sports and gambling reviews, the nation has one competitor contending this year in the person. Arif Khan represents Indian in the alpine skiing event.

According to pay per head industry experts, India authorities started thinking about the diplomatic boycott after pictures showed People’s Liberation Army authority Qi Fabao as part of the torch bearing event. Other participants of the torch relay event are Chinese basketball legend and previous NBA player Yao Ming and space traveler Jing Haipeng. Also, the even started Wednesday and will end during the opening ceremonies.

India Announced Diplomatic Boycott

India Announced Diplomatic Boycott of Beijing Olympics in the Last MinuteChinese authorities hailed Qi as a legend for his part in the lethal 2020 India-China engagement. Also, twenty Indian soldiers died during the clash at the Himalayan locale. On the other hand, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army lost four officers.

According to reports, the encounter saw officers on the two sides doing combating with sticks, stones and nail-studded bamboo posts. Also, news reports described it as one of the deadliest deadliest boundary conflicts between the two nations in over 40 years. The two sides have blamed the other for violating the accepted boundary, the Line of Actual Control (LAC). It runs along the western area of the Galwan Valley.

Qi sustained a head injury during the clashes. However, his part in the torch relay event ignited a strong opposition in Indian. Also, they said that China brought political issues into an event that should represent the peaceful contest among nations.

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