China Attempts Massive Bubble for Beijing Winter Olympics

China Attempts Massive Bubble for Beijing Winter Olympics

In the latest in sports news, many are wondering how China will manage the Beijing Winter Olympics, considering the spread of the much more contagious Omicron variant of Covid around the world. With only two weeks away until the Winter Olympics kicks off, can China ensure that the games will happen as scheduled, and with a very minimal case rate?

Top sportsbooks are already taking in wagers for the prestigious Olympics, and so far everything is happening as scheduled. Officials are also implementing a very strict protocol, with only official covid-safe pass holders allowed in venues. Unfortunately for sports fans, they will not be allowed to enter the venues. The country is now bracing itself for the arrival of thousands of athletes and their teams, journalists, officials and more.

Beijing Winter Olympics

China Attempts Massive Bubble for Beijing Winter OlympicsThe country will be implementing a closed-loop system where they will even be stricter than the NBA bubble we have seen in previous years. Officials estimate 11,000 people travelling through three different venues. So far, some of the early arrivals are already testing positive and are undergoing Covid protocols, but the percentage is very minimal.

PayPerHead bookies should expect that the games will proceed as scheduled. However, not everything will be perfect. But similar to the Tokyo Summer Olympics, the event went smoother than expected. So keep on offering the best lines on the multiple sports events that will happen in the Beijing Olympics. Skiing events alone will keep your sportsbook busy. With the hundreds of events available, you can earn a lot from Olympic betting.


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