Sports Betting in Oklahoma Update

Sports Betting in Oklahoma Update

While legal sports betting in Georgia is still not available, other states are making headways in legalizing sports gambling. According to sports betting news, Arkansas became the latest state to approve mobile sports betting. Furthermore, the neighboring state is trying to do the same as Sports Betting in Oklahoma is getting closer to reality.

This past Monday, an Oklahoma House Committee gave its approval to House Bill 3008. According to sports gambling analysts, the bill would allow tribal casinos to have sportsbooks on their properties. House Bill 3008 would only make in-person sports betting legal but not online sports wagering. However, if Bill does pass, it would only be a matter of time before mobile sports betting becomes legal.

Legal Sports Betting in Oklahoma is One Step Closer

Legal Sports Betting in Oklahoma is One Step CloserWhile there are still several steps left before the state can legalize sports betting, this is a good start.  The bill made it thru the Committee with a final vote of 6-4 in favor of it. According to WINKA online iGaming Platform, those opposing the bill are not against legal sports betting.  In fact, the majority of them want to see negotiations occur between the state and the tribes first.

Gambling Industry News reports say it is just a matter of time and money. This is because lawmakers in Oklahoma want the state to take a larger percentage of the revenue. Opponents of the bill want to see more meaningful negotiations between the state and the tries.

For example, some states are getting 25% of the revenue and Bill 3008 is only asking for 10%. Furthermore, they want to see more details as to the benefits from legalizing other types of gambling in the state.

At the moment, Oklahomans must travel to neighboring states like Colorado, New Mexico and Arkansas to bet on sports. Therefore, it represents a loss in revenue for the state of at least $240 million to other states.

On the other hand, Oklahoma representative, Ken Luttrell, the sponsor of the bill is just happy they are discussing it. This is because as long as everyone is willing to talk about it, a compromise can be made.

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