Legal Georgia Sports Betting in 2022

Legal Georgia Sports Betting in 2022

At the moment, sports betting in Georgia remains illegal despite many efforts to make it legal. Last year, the Georgia state legislature came close but ran out of time during their 2021 legislative session. However, proponents of sports gambling are hoping to see Legal Georgia Sports Betting in 2022.

Last year, several bills were in place that would have put sports wagering on the 2022 ballot. Unfortunately. The bills could not get enough support to pass the House floor. According to Sports Betting Platform providers, this year will be different. This is because a new bill is set to be put to the House this year.

Legal Georgia Sports Betting in 2022 a Strong Possibility

Legal Georgia Sports Betting in 2022 a Strong PossibilityIn a recent interview on WMAZ Radio, Senator David Lucas and Rep. Robert Dickey spoke about the sports betting bill. Senator Lucas believes that allowing sports betting in the state should not be an issue. This is because Georgians are already placing their bets at offshore sportsbooks, local bookies and even going to Tennessee.

In addition, money talks and legal sports betting would be an additional source of revenue for the state. Of course, how the money will be spent is a different story. However, most representatives agree that the bulk of it would be to fund education ls scholarships and infrastructural projects.

During the last legislative session, several people came to talk about the advantages of having legal sports betting in Georgia. One of them was Steve Koonin, the CEO of the Atlanta Hawks who spoke in favor of it.

If sports wagering becomes legal in Georgia, gambling analysts believe it will focus on mobile and online gambling. Creating a sports gambling law in Georgia will be a challenge. This is because it is one of the few states without any type of legal casinos.

In the meanwhile, the next legislative session on Georgia, will begin on January 10, 2022 and end on March 31. According to gambling news, this is when proponents are hoping to see sports betting turn into law.

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