FA Fines Tottenham and Chelsea Managers for Improper Behavior

FA Fines Tottenham and Chelsea Managers for Improper Behavior

Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea had a 2-2 draw last Sunday. However, it was their managers that took the spotlight. As a result of their bad behavior, the FA fines Tottenham and Chelsea managers.

Thomas Tuchel of Chelsea and Antonio Conte of Tottenham Hotspur got red cards after the match. Tuchel was offended that Conte failed to look him in the eye during their final handshake. Thus, the former didn’t want to let go of the latter’s hand.

According to sports news coverage reports, referee Anthony Taylor gave a red card to both managers. Thus, it could lead to fines and suspensions according to rule E3 of the Football Association.

FA Fines Tottenham and Chelsea Managers

FA Fines Tottenham and Chelsea Managers for Improper BehaviorAfter their teams’ match last Sunday, Antonio Conte and Thomas Tuchel violated FA Rule E3. The FA gave both managers until Thursday to give their responses. Additionally, Tuchel can face more punishments after his statement against Taylor during the post-match interview. According to sportsbook reviews and news sites, Tuchel criticized several calls and said officials had a problem with him.

According to sports betting site experts, the comments about officiating could land Tuchel into more trouble. Last May, the FA fined Frank Lampard of Everton £30,000 for criticizing a referee. On the other hand, Conte’s potential suspension and fine might not be bad news for Tottenham.

In the last ten months, Hotspur went from losing to Chelsea three times in January without scoring a goal to being a competitive team. Most analysts attributed the changes to Conte. However, the fiery managers clashed Sunday, leading to their confrontation after the final whistle.

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