Will Cristiano Ronaldo Leave Manchester United?

Will Cristiano Ronaldo Leave Manchester United?

If you bet on soccer, then you are surely updated on everything about the biggest soccer stars from around the world. And Cristiano Ronaldo is definitely someone you should be keeping an eye out on. He has been in the news a lot as a lot of sports fans are speculating a lot about his future plans. The biggest question is Will Cristiano Ronaldo Leave Manchester United or will he stay?

Old Trafford manager Erik ten Hag says that Ronaldo is “not for sale”. But, Ronaldo has said that the truth will be out soon. Ronaldo has been with United since last year after playing with Juventus. The soccer star still has a year left in his contract. Ronaldo was the top scorer for United last season.

But he was called out for leaving a preseason match against Rayo Vallecano early after he was substituted in halftime. And has been somewhat absent in the preseason as well. Manchester United placed 6th in the Premier League last season. Many worry that it might get worse this year. This season’s start is not good at all, losing both opening matches and currently ranked at the bottom.

Can Cristiano Ronaldo Transfer Out of United?

Will Cristiano Ronaldo Leave Manchester United?If you look at the wagers in a sportsbook pay per head, Manchester United is one of the most popular clubs, and many have been enjoying betting on them, even though they have been less than stellar recently. Many look to Ronaldo to speak up and fix the problem that United has. But is it his responsibility to carry the weight of the club? Is he part of the problem? Many want to know, because United is not keen on losing him, but Ronaldo’s agent has been working on a move, it it points to a transfer to Borussia Dortmund.

If this is the case, then it would benefit Ronaldo, as he can play in the Champions League and also try for the Bundesliga. If he does it, he will be the first player to win a domestic league title in England, Germany, Italy, and Spain. Things are quiet at Dortmund, so we will be wait and see where Ronaldo will be going. In the meantime, you can earn money from soccer betting by putting up your very own online sportsbook.


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