Sportsbook Pay Per Head Review Sportsbook Pay Per Head Review

For this sportsbook pay per head review, we look at the factors that make the pay per head bookie stand out from the crowd. Also, our goal is to help potential bookies learn about the provider and the services it has to offer.

PPHK offers all the features and tools required to launch and maintain a bookie business. When it started its business in 2016, its customers were startups and individuals based in Costa Rica alone. However, since it launched its website in 2019, began accepting clients from across the globe. Sportsbook Pay Per Head Information

General Information Features
Inception: 2016 Software: DGS
Location: Costa Rica Price:  $5
Telephone: Online Contact Form Live Betting: Yes
Email: Live dealer : Yes
Website: Telephone Wagering: Yes Price Sportsbook Pay Per Head ReviewOne of the things we liked about PPHK is that it offers its PPH services at $5 per player. That means you get access to sports betting software, sportsbook website, and other tools at a very affordable price. Thus, you’ll get great value out of your money. Sportsbook Pay Per Head Features

PPHK based its sports wagering platform on the reliable DGS software based on pay per head reviews. Also, it has several features, including phone wagering, a live dealer casino, and true live betting.

Signing up for a account is easy. First, you need to submit an online form, and the provider will have your account ready as soon as possible. Also, the best thing about the process is that you don’t need to provide personal data. In addition, you can try the sports betting service for free for two weeks without making any deposits. Thus, you can try its bookie features and tools without financial obligations.

Our Sportsbook Pay Per Head Review offers a cost-effective solution to becoming a bookie. At $5 per player, you have a complete sportsbook, racebook, and online casino package. Thus, you can focus on becoming a successful bookie in no time.

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