NFL Week 13 Recap

We are just past Week 13 in the NFL, and this season is more exciting than ever. However, if you want to learn how to become a bookie, a successful one at that, then you should be paying attention to sports news. Some events will be crucial to the future of an athlete or a team. So pay close attention. Here are some of the highlights from the NFL Week 13 that we think are important for football fans and bettors everywhere.

First off, let’s talk about Kyler Murray, who has been out due to an ankle injury since Week 8. The Cardinals could have rushed Murray back into the field. Especially when Murray has been instrumental in the Cardinals’ 7-game streak. But they are instead taking care of Murray, and are easing him slowly in to ensure that his ankle has completely recovered. This may not pay off in the short term, but will be good for the team long-term.

NFL Week 13

NFL Week 13 RecapThe Steelers, thanks to Mark Andrews, scored a close win in Sunday’s game. That means that they are still in the running for the playoffs. And they could possibly score a wild card slot. Given the slew of awkward outcomes of the Steelers’ other games, and a QB who is definitely needing replacement, Steelers fans are hoping for a better outcome. Of course, that game was a good one for sportsbooks everywhere. And since live betting is the future for sportsbooks, we should be more involved with the dynamics of the games.

Meanwhile, the Chargers pulled in a 41-22 win over the Bengals, but many are wary if this means the tide is changing. After a series of wins, the Chargers got a losing streak as well, so it will be tough to get a read on them, at least in the next few games.


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