Guide to Advanced Basketball Betting Types

There are other wagering options aside from the moneyline, point spread, and totals. You can also wager on advanced basketball betting types. This basketball betting guide will introduce several types of wagers you can use when betting on basketball games.

Some advanced basketball wagering types include multiples, futures, teasers, and proposition bets. You can add them to your betting portfolio to spice things up.

Advanced Basketball Betting Types

Guide to Advanced Basketball Betting TypesThe first advanced basketball betting option you can try is multiples. It is also known as parlays or accumulators. If you choose this betting option, you need to pick two or more selections in one or more basketball games. To win, you need to pick everything correctly.

If something like one of these wagers is unsuccessful, you won’t profit. Instead, your chances and potential rewards increase with each continuous choice. On the other hand, the conceivable winning possibilities diminish. That specific sort of wagers has tracked down its crowd and is ostensibly perhaps the most famous wagering type, according to sources.

The next type of advanced betting is a teaser. It is a type of parlay but with fixed odds. Also, you have the chance to change the handicap by removing points from the favorite or adding them to the underdog. In addition, you need to get all wagers correct to win the teaser.

Next, we have future bets. It is betting on which team wins the conference title or championship before the start of the season or playoffs. We recommend betting on futures before the beginning of the season because bookies adjust the odds through time.

Proposition or prop bets focus on things aside from points, score margin, or game results. Instead, you can wager on random things, such as which team gets a technical foul first, or Stephen Curry can get more than five three-pointers in a game.

Those are some advanced betting options available when you wager on basketball. You should know the advanced wagering types whether you are a player or want to be a bookie. Also, you should know the mobile bookie platform advantage if you’re going to bet on basketball.

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