Hyacinth Stakes to Have High Profile Nominees

Hyacinth Stakes to Have High Profile Nominees

The Hyacinth stakes could possibly feature at least 7 Triple Crown nominees, as we discovered in the latest horse racing news here in CasinosGeorgia.com. The Japan road to the Kentucky Derby will be ending this weekend. The third race out of the four qualifying stakes is the Hyacinth stakes. This will be held at the Tokyo Racecourse, spanning over 1,600 meters.

If you look at the racebook platform, you will see the increasing amount in wagers for the upcoming event. So far, there are 17 names in the early entries, and the final entries and the post positions will still be announced soon. The race will award the top four finishers with a 30-1206-3 basis. So far, in the list we have seen, some of them are pretty popular and successful.

Hyacinth Stakes

According to the latest horse betting news from the best pay per head sportsbook, seven in the early entrants are nominees to the Triple Crown. So if you are betting on any of these horses, then you may likely see them in the Kentucky Derby. For the Triple Crown nominees, we have these names so far: El Paso, Crown Pride. Blitz Fang, Geraldo Barows, Line of Soul, Sekifu and Osteria complete the list of seven.

So, if you are into horse racing, makes sure that you keep an eye out of these seven. The odds of them winning the races are still too soon. But can definitely start planning your bets on how you will be placing them all the way into the Kentucky Derby.


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