Sportech Sports Betting Software Review


Everyone in the industry knows that sports betting is changing the gambling industry. No one knows it like Sportech, who has over 100 years experience in the gambling industry. Our Sportech Sports Betting Software Review will take a look at one of the industry’s pioneers in the sports betting industry.

Sportech started out back in 1908 when Sir George Julius invented a machine that tabulates race odds.This was later named the “totalisator.” It was installed in a horse racing track in Australia. Eventually in 1917, a company was formed. Growth was rapid fire- from a large mechanical machine, they continued to develop systems for betting and lotteries. As technology evolved to computers, so did their technology. Today, they offer sports betting software and technology to different customers from around the world.

Sportech Sports Betting Software Information

General Information Features
Inception: 1908 Software: sports betting solutions
Location: Europe and US Retail Services:  Yes
Telephone: 1-800-355-TOTE Lotteries: Yes
Email: Horse Racing : Yes
Website: Special Feature: Quantum System

Sportech Scope

Anything that you can see in sports betting news, Sportech most likely has it available. They are one of the largest pari-mutuel wagering solutions providers in the world. The company is also one of the more innovative companies in the industry, and it is hard to find fault in their services.

They have an international presence, with their base of operations in the UK. However, they do have a license to operate in Connecticut in the US. They offer both retail and sportsbook software solutions to their clients.

Sportech Sports Betting Software Features

Sportech has a trademarked Quantum System that is one of the most widely-used pari-mutuel betting software. This system helps operators offer betting and racing events all over the world. They offer a complete ecosystem with 24/7 support services to their clients all over the globe.

They can easily comingle multiple platforms to provide their clients with a complete service that is used by the largest operators. In addition, Sportech also offers raffle software services that are not only used by casinos, but are also flexible enough to be used by charitable institutions as well.

Our Sportech Sports Betting Software Review

If you really want the best betting services, then Sportech is a great provider to choose. If you are a large-scale operator, that is. But if you are wanting to start a sports betting operation of your own, and you do not have hundreds of thousands of dollars available, then there are a lot of options that are just as great as they are.

Remember, brands and prices are important, but do not imply that they are the best options for you. If you want white label sports betting solutions that can cater an international market, then you can get it easily, and at a more affordable price too.


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