PicksLogic Sports Handicapping Review

PicksLogic Sports Handicapping Review

pickswlogicHere at CasinosGeorgia.com, we aim to provide our readers not just with the latest gambling news, but the best gambling resources as well. And one of the most popular inquiries that we get is always about sports handicapping. Who does not want to get expert tips and sports betting picks anyway? Today, we are doing a PicksLogic sports handicapping review.

PicksLogic was created by sports bettors who eventually moved into handicapping. They wanted to create a space for expert handicappers to give their picks on the most popular sports in the country. If you want the latest picks on the NBA, or college football, they you can find them here.

PicksLogic Background Information

General Information Features
Inception: no data Free  Pics: no
Location: EUS Cost for Picks: $20 +
Telephone: online ticket system Create Picks: Yes
Email: support@pickslogic.com Free Picks : rare
Website: pickslogic.com Betting Markets: US Sports Leagues

PicksLogic: How to Use

At first glance, it looks like a well organized sports handicapping forum, but arranged per handicapper. It kind of is, as you can actually follow a particular handicapper so you can use their picks as a guide to place your bets. You will be able to see their win percentage. Currently, their best handicapper is at the high 70% range, which is pretty good for handicapping.

You can also post your own picks. So if you want a platform where you can post your picks, then this is a great site for you. Of course, it will cost you to use the services of the site, but if it will help you win more bets, then its a worthy investment.

PicksLogic Sports Handicapping Features

PicksLogic Sports Handicapping Review

They offer a proprietary system that specializes in compiling and showing the best sports betting picks from hundreds of sports handicappers in their site. As mentioned earlier, you can see the win percentage of each handicapper, and what sports league they tend to specialize in.

Their site is very easy to use, and the data is readily available. They also offer a lot of picks from various professional and collegiate sports across the country.

Our PicksLogic Sports Handicapping Review

What we like about PicksLogic is that their site is very transparent in terms of statistics. You’ll see the accuracy of each handicapper, and see their picks easily. You can also search per sport, sports league, and the like. This is great for those who are new to the industry, as well as those who have been betting for years.

What we do wish, however, is to see more free sports betting picks. A lot of professional handicappers offer daily free picks in their sites. We would also like to read more about why certain picks are made. This is something that is a bit lacking in their site. Some handicappers would go out of their way to explain their decisions. Which, of course, is very helpful for sports bettors. We understand that handicappers would want to protect trade secrets and profit more from releasing their picks. Its just that we have seen other handicappers who give out more free information.


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