Japan Casino Regulatory Commission Provides New Regulatory Approach

Japan Casino Regulatory Commission Provides New Regulatory Approach Details

The Japan Casino Regulatory Commission released the new details of their approach to regulating casinos. The updates came after the commission released draft casino regulations. In addition, they include the nine casino games and 21 varieties allowed in casinos. According to casino pay per head reports, they finalized the rules in May. Also, it came after a public consultation.

The commission grouped the new details into four sections. You can find them on the commission’s website including a provision on Problem Gambling.

Japan Casino Regulatory Commission Regulatory Approach

Japan Casino Regulatory Commission Provides New Regulatory Approach DetailsMarket guidelines control and screen casino administrators, chiefs, and workers. In addition, they also monitor investors, facility landowners, and hardware vendors.

Casino operators will pay 15 percent of GGR. It will go to a public fund. Also, they will pay an additional 15 percent. The host prefecture and the Commission will split the additional tax. In addition, the commission will monitor the tax payments. It is like casinos in Georgia that also pay taxes to the state.

The commission will also monitor indicators of problem gambling. Also, residents need to apply for a entry card. They want to avoid problem gambling among players. However, there’s no mention of the legalization of online casino platform in the country.

There will be a JPY 6,000 entrance fee. Also, locals can only visit the integrated resort three times each week, or ten visits every 28 days.

There regulations include provisions to counter illegal tax avoidance. Also, it includes the ban of exchanging chips. In addition, players can’t take chips outside casino floors. Violators can face jail time of one year, and fine of JPY 1 million. Casinos should inform authorities of cash exchanges surpassing JPY 1 million.

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