Tottenham-Rennes League Match will Not Be Rescheduled

Tottenham-Rennes League Match

According to UEFA, the Tottenham-Rennes league match for the Europa Conference will not be rescheduled. This follows the news when Spurs announced last Wednesday that they will not play on Thursday. The match is at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. This is due to 13 coronavirus cases at the club. Experts over at Bwager are not optimistic that a rescheduling will be possible. This is what UEFA is confirming as of press time.

Meanwhile, Rennes is criticizing Tottenham for making a unilateral decision on this matter. And because of this, UEFA will now decide on the result of the match. Specifically, the ethics and disciplinary body will announce a decision next week. If you want to earn from soccer betting, you might want to consider learning what makes a good bookie. This is so that you can offer your players a more wholistic portfolio in your sportsbook.

Tottenham-Rennes League Match Cancellation

Tottenham-Rennes League MatchAccording to UEFA, Europe’s football governing body, the agency, along with the two clubs, could not find a viable solution, which means that the match cannot be played anymore. The match was supposed to be the Spurs and Rennes’ final match in Group G, which has a completion deadline of December 31.

Rennes has already reached the last 16 as a group winner, while Tottenham is 3rd– with three points behind Vitesse. The runners-up for the group can secure a spot in a play-off for the last 15. Tottenham’s match against Brighton for the Premier League has already been postponed. There are 8 Spurs players, and 5 staff members who have tested positive for the coronavirus. UEFA rules on this state that if clubs have 13 fit players on their A list (which includes a goalkeeper), then they have to play.


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