Hamilton Will Not Retire

Its official. Hamilton will not retire. The seven-time Formula 1 Champion was a hot topic in sports news after losing to Verstappen in a controversial final race in the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Of course, rumors started floating around that Hamilton will no longer be racing, and will actually be announcing his retirement.

Of course, sports betting news sites started reporting on betting action if Hamilton really will retire or not. Hamilton has remained quiet after the race, which added more suspense. But now, we are hearing quite a few things, and one of which, is that he will not be ending his career over such a result as what happened in Abu Dhabi.

Hamilton Will Not Retire

Hamilton Will Not RetireHamilton has a 2-year agreement, and will most likely honor it. Naturally, the racer was disheartened after the result of the Grand Prix. It will take a lot of time before he and his team will be able to move past it. For now, they are not considering requesting an appeal. In addition, Mercedes also feels that they were slighted. The whole outfit will definitely be working around the feeling of injustice as they prepare for the next year.

Of course, Hamilton is at the peak of his career, so it will really not be a far cry to imagine him getting his 8th championship win next year. The team will have to work on trusting the system again. Because to them, its no longer just about the stopwatch, especially when you have decisions made off the bat like what happened. But as many Formula 1 fans are saying, Hamilton is a class act. Mercedes is a class act. All they need to do is show everyone what they are made of. And we very much hope to see them shine next year. As they deserve to.

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