Sportsbook Pay Per Head Review Sportsbook Pay Per Head Review Sportsbook Pay Per Head ReviewThere are so many reasons to become a bookie– from the excitement of the job, to the possible income, and so on. But it becomes even easier for you to decide to be an online bookie once you hear about a sportsbook pay per head software. It is, after all, created specially for bookies. And they are very affordable too. With so many options, it can be hard to choose which software provider to use. So to help you, here is our Sportsbook Pay Per Head Review.

Similar to providers like, Ace Per Head provides easy to use software to help bookies create and manage their very own online sportsbooks. Let’s take a closer look at their features, their rates, and other aspects that bookies will consider before signing up. Sportsbook Pay Per Head Information

General Information Features
Inception: 2000 Software: DGS
Location: Costa Rica Price:  $10 and above
Telephone: 1-800-909-5193 Live Betting: Yes
Email: Live dealer : Yes
Website: Telephone Wagering: Yes Price offers their services starting at $10 for each player, each week. We at are surprised to see that price point, and the fact that you will actually pay more than $10 if you wanted more features. Why, do you ask? Because the industry standard that we see is much lower, around the $5-7 range. Normally, a rate of $10 and up would already be the premium rates for providers who use tiers in terms of prices and services. We find it a bit expensive, especially once we experienced using the software.

Its worth noting that Ace Per Head now accepts gift cards as payment, which is something that they did not have a while back. Interesting, but not really groundbreaking. Sportsbook Pay Per Head Features Sportsbook Pay Per Head ReviewRegistration took us longer than we are used to. Most pay per head providers have switched to an automatic process, much like how the actual sportsbook software does. The thing is, if they will insist on personal interaction with future agents, then they should be a little more prompt in getting back to them.

Putting the registration process aside, we now delve into the software. Their site looks exactly like a basic DGS software. So much so, that it looks like they did not even bother to add a little more oomph into the design and UI of the site. This makes their software a bit too basic, and looks more outdated than it should be.

We also mentioned earlier that they use tiers, or have divided their services into packages. Their $10 per player per week doe snot include phone betting and live betting. If we wanted to offer those services to our players, then we will need to spend more per person.

Our Sportsbook Pay Per Head Review

There really is very little value for money because you are getting such basic services at such a steep price, with the need to spend even more just to keep up with the really good sportsbook pay per head providers. Honestly, we’ve seen providers that offer ALL of those features as $5 per player, so we were not impressed. Combine that with the too-basic bookie website, the plain player sportsbook website, then we would very much rather that you try a different provider. In fact, we’d suggest that you head on over to and see how things should be done. If you compare their sites, you will really see why we are quite disappointed with Ace Per Head’s services.


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