How Home-Field Advantage Affect Soccer Games

How Home-Field Advantage Affect Soccer Games

There are several factors you need to consider when betting on soccer games. For instance, you should consider whether home-field advantage would play a role in the game’s outcome. This tutorial will show you how to find the edge over the sportsbook when betting on soccer matches.

It would be best if you had a lot of patience to become a successful soccer bettor. Also, you don’t need to place many bets each month. The best players place around ten to fifteen wagers monthly. They thoroughly analyze the matchup using various factors, including home-field advantage.

Why Home-Field Advantage Matters

How Home-Field Advantage Affect Soccer GamesAccording to the bookie guide to Champions League Top 4, home teams win around 60 percent of the time. However, if low-ranked teams are also considered, the home-field advantage goes down to 50.5 percent. Nevertheless, it is still a significant percentage of wins from the home squad.

In the World Cup, the home crowd plays a vital part in the host’s success. In the 20 tournaments up to 2017, the home team entered the quarterfinals 17 times, semi-finals 13 times, and became champions six times.

When it comes to tournaments across the globe, the Champions League has the highest home win rate at 50 percent. The Spanish Primera Liga comes in second place. However, people were surprised to find the Champions League on top when the tournament involved top-ranked clubs from Europe. As a result, it is a more balanced tournament than domestic leagues, such as the English Premier League.

The home advantage plays a vital role in providing and sustaining momentum for the home club. Footballers don’t want to disappoint their coaches, teammates, and fans. As a result, they want to get a good result when playing at home.

Aside from the fans, the stadium is a crucial aspect in determining the result of a match. Some stadiums are ideal for some teams and something dreadful for others.

Those are the reasons why you should consider home-field advantage when betting on soccer games. Make sure you read our other sports betting and bookie tutorials. That way, you can understand the soccer betting concepts better.

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