How to Bet on Super Bowl LVI

The Super Bowl is the biggest sports event of the year in the U.S. for both football fans. This year, Super Bowl LVI will take place on Sunday, February 6, 2022 at the SOFI Stadium in California. As with any football event, football betting will be available for this momentous sporting event. However, not everyone knows how to bet on it nor what kind of wager they can make. Therefore, our tutorial on How to Bet on Super Bowl LVI will help you do just that.

When people watch the Super Bowl, it is not just an event for NFL fans. It is also a form of entertainment that bring people together with their famous half-time show and television commercial. In addition, it is a way for families and friend to get together and bond. For many, talking and betting on the Super Bowl is a great way to do just that!

This year, don’t be left out of the conversation. Learn everything there is to know about how to bet on the NFL and the Super Bowl!

How to Bet on Super Bowl LVI – The Basics

How to Bet on Super Bowl LVI – The BasicsFor football bettors, this is the event of the year which will bring joy and heartache to many. We are not just talking about your favorite team winning or losing. If that was the case, many Georgians would be upset that the Atlanta Falcons did not make the NFL playoffs this year. We are talking about the thrill of the game when winning your bet depends on a simple touchdown or interception. This is what sports betting is all about!

Football betting is all about the odds. Basically, you get sports betting odds from sportsbooks and you use them to risk money on a specific outcome. In this NFL tutorial, we will go over the three main Super Bowl bets and how to bet on them.

To Keep things simple, we will go over the most popular types of Super Bowl bets. They are: Money Line bet, Point Spread bet and Over/Under bet. In addition, the Super Bowl is also known for having numerous prop bets or proposition bets. These are wagers such as betting on the outcome of the coin toss, who will be the MVP and such. Even though we will no go over them, they are easy to understand. Especially after you go thru this Super Bowl Betting tutorial.

Here are the current Super Bowl Odds (keep in mind they can change at any time).

Team Point Spread Money Line Over/Under
Los Angeles Rams -4 -110 -200 u48.5
Cincinnati Bengals +4 -110 +170 o48.5

Betting on the Super Bowl Money Line

A money line bet is the simplest bet available on the Super Bowl. You are basically betting on which team will win the Super Bowl. For example, if you bet on the Rams with a -200 Money line, it means betting $200 to win $100. Since the Rams are the favorite team to win, the risks winning are lower but the rewards are less. Of course, you do not have to actually wager $200 and can wager whatever amount you want.

On the other hand, if you bet on the Bengals Money Line, you bet $100 to win $170. This is because the Bengals are the underdog team and wagering on them has greater risk. But higher rewards.

Betting on the Super Bowl Point Spread

Betting on the Super Bowl Point spread is another popular type of NFL bet. This is where each team gets a handicap and must either win or lose by a certain number of points. For example, if bet on the Rams point spread of -4, the Rams must win by more than 4 points to win your bet.

On the other hand, you have the Bengals with a +4 Point spread. This means you win your bet as long as the Bengals do not lose by more than 4 points.

Betting on the Super Bowl Over/Under

Betting on the over/under is betting on whether the final score will be over or under a certain number. For example, this year the over/under is 48.5. This means you either bet that the final score will be over or under 48.5 points.

In addition, keep in mind that a sportsbook will usually charge a 10% commission or vig for betting on the spread or the over/under. The number after the odds like -110 is the vig the sportsbook charges. “-110” means they charge a 10% commission. If it was “-105, it would mean the commission is 5%.

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