eSports is Included in the 2022 Commonwealth Games

eSports is Included in the 2022 Commonwealth Games

eSports has come a long way in earning its place in prestigious events from around the world. There is no question on eSports’ profitability. eSports betting tutorials are so popular with so many people wanting to be part of the industry. And in recent news, it seems that the eSports world will now have another notch in its belt. eSports is included in the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

Seasonal sports events are very popular in sportsbooks. This is according to Bwager, a sports betting software provider. eSports betting is very lucrative for their bookies. Gaining spots in events like this only cements the truth that eSports is truly thriving even more than before. As of press time, the specific titles that will be part of the games is still unknown. But speculations are being spread that Dota 2 could be one of the three titles.

2022 Commonwealth Games

eSports is Included in the 2022 Commonwealth GamesSince eSports will be part of the competition, there will still be separate awards. They will still have their own branding, medals, and management. As this is the pilot year of eSports joining the games, they will not be getting medals. Despite this, officials are optimistic that there will be more integration by 2026. The best bookie software experts do see eSports becoming even more popular than they are now, so it may likely happen.

The eSports industry is not the only industry that stands to benefit from this. As many in the sports world believe, the inclusion of eSports allows for a younger generation of fans to immerse themselves in these international competitions. While many prefer a more traditional assortment of events, the addition of eSports will benefit these competitions in the long run.


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