Guide to College Football Betting

You are on the right page if it is your first-time betting on college football. Our guide will break down college football betting and provide proven strategies that work with NCAA football games.

Although can’t guarantee a win a hundred percent of the time, the guide can help you win at least 50 percent of the time. Winning more than 50 percent in sports betting can be profitable in the long run. Also, short players’ win rate is around 60 percent, as per gambling software reports.

College Football Betting Strategies

Guide to College Football BettingCollege football involves more teams, and matchups are often unbalanced. As a result, there are many lopsided scores. Also, it is challenging to pick the right team. Here are some factors to consider according to bookie pay per head reviews.

The first thing to consider is a home-field advantage. Find out if the team is strong playing at home. Also, you need to know if the college has a solid fan base.

Although there are a few games during college football season, some matches count more than others due to the rivalry between some teams. Each conference schedules rivalry games near the season’s end. As a result, it builds up the hype leading towards the scheduled date. Also, rivalries don’t need to be top teams.

For instance, Alabama has a fiercer rivalry against Auburn than with Georgia. The intensity of the rivalry can result in closer scores. Thus, it would be best to consider rivalries when wagering point spreads.

Another factor to consider is the weather condition. It can impact the scoring ability of the teams. For instance, poor weather can make it difficult to kick, pass and catch the ball. As a result, teams will score fewer points. On the other hand, some teams that love to run with the ball enjoy lousy weather. Also, some teams from the west coast and south struggle when playing away from their home field in harsh weather.

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