Poker Guide to Hand Ranking for Beginners

Poker Guide to Hand Ranking for Beginners

One of the most popular card games in Georgia is poker. That’s why we created a poker guide for beginners. Also, our goal is to help people understand the game better.

The two most common poker games in casinos in Georgia are Omaha Poker and Texas Hold ’em. For our poker guide, we will focus on the latter. However, once you know the game’s general rules, you can quickly move to other types, such as Omaha.

Poker Guide to Hands

Poker Guide to Hand Ranking for BeginnersWhen playing poker, the first thing you need to know is the hands ranking. You also need to understand the rankings as a step to becoming a bookie and gambling operator. The lowest is the high card. So it is when players don’t have any combinations.

Next to the high card is One Pair, two cards having the same letter or number. Then there’s Two Pairs. For instance, you have 9 Hearts, 9 Spades, Ace Diamond, and Ace Hearts. The last card in hand doesn’t matter.

Next is the Three of a Kind, which is self-explanatory. Then you’ll have a Straight, which is five cards in sequential order. Also, keep in mind that the Ace can be straight with A-K-Q-J-10 or Ace-2-3-4-5.

Next in rank is the Flush, when the hand consists of five cards belonging in the same suit. Then there’s the Full House. It is a mix of a Pair and Three-of-a-Kind. After Full House is Four-of-a-Kind. It is a hand with four cards having the same letter or number.

The Straight Flush is a hand consisting of cards in sequential order and belongs in the same suit. Lastly, there’s the Royal Flush. It is a straight flush, but it consists of 10-J-Q-K-Ace. Also, the possibility of getting one is around 650,000 to 1 as per online gambling solutions experts.

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