How to Play Slot Machines

How to Play Slot Machines

Are you planning a trip to the nearest casino in Georgia but do not know anything about gambling? Don’t worry you are not the first nor will you be the last. If that is the case, try the playing the slot machines as they are the easiest casino games to play. Our casino tutorial on How to Play Slot Machines will have you playing like a pro in no time!

First off, the basic game itself is fairly simple as you just enter money in the machine and pull the handle. Once the wheel stops spinning, you either win or lose depending on where each symbol on the reels land on. While games itself is simple game, slot machines do have the worst betting odds in the casino.

When slot machines first came about, they only had 3 reels each with 10 symbols. Today, some machines have as many as 20-30 symbols per reel making the odds much higher. Of course, the casino has to have higher jackpots when the odds of winning are lower. In addition, modern slot machines also have minigames and other variations to help you win or lose even more.

The odds of winning will vary depending on the number of reels and possible combinations of each slot. Furthermore, the casinos can increase or decrease the odds. However, most laws say the casinos have to return 75 to 90 percent of the money the machines take. Gamblers should always check the odds of winning on each machine to help you pick the best one.

Despite the low odds of winnings, people do win on a regular basis. However, winning and making a profit are two different things. In this casino tutorial, we will go over the different type of slot machines you will encounter in a casino.

How to Play Slot Machines – Type of Slot Machines in a Casino

How to Play Slot Machines – Type of Slot Machines in a CasinoThere are three main types of slot machines you will find in casino. While the game may vary, they will fall into one of these three categories.

The Multiplier Slot Machines – According to Casino platform providers, this is the most common type of slot machine. The payouts/odds are simple with one row for each winning combination and one column for each coin you can play. The worst payout on that type of machine is a push where you basically just get your money back.

There are two types of Multiplier slot machines on the market which are Straight Multiplier and the Bonus Multiplier. Straight Multiplier pay you the same amount of money for each winning combination, for each coin you play. On the other hand, a Bonus Multiplier machines pay you a bonus for playing the maximum bet.

The Buy-A-Pay Slot Machine – For this type of slot machine, gamblers must deposit full coin to activate all of the winning combinations. These types of machines often surprise players who did not read or understand the rules. This is because they will often wonder why they did not win for what they think is a winning combination.

The Hybrid Slot Machine – Just as the name says, this is a slot machine that is part Multiplier, part Buy-a-Pay. These type of slot machines take three coins or more. Usually, the second coin multiplies the payouts from the first coin while the third coin buys new winning combinations. Of course, you will also see the opposite depending on the machine you play.