Vaccination and Entry into Tennis Tournaments

Vaccination and Entry into Tennis Tournaments

The Australian Open continues on without Novak Djokovic. Recently, Men’s Defending Champion’s visa cancellation is seen by many as the tennis superstar has no Covid vaccine yet. In the latest in sports betting and casino news, the world of tennis is in disarray as countries are fiercely implementing their laws regarding the entry of unvaccinated people in their respective territories. While countries would give exception to unusual circumstances, some are strict. And in the case of tennis tournaments, the French Open may follow suit with what happened in the Australian Open.

Australia cancels the visa of Novak Djokovic, who is now unable to compete in the Australian Open. After his deportation, he is now back home in Serbia. While this was an unexpected blow to the star’s goal of winning more championships this year, he may face the same problem in France. According to France’s sports minister, athletes are not exempt from the country’s Covid pass. So Djokovic playing at Roland Garros may not be a sure thing. And if you are reading bookie tutorials then you know that this will definitely change betting lines as we get closer to the French Open.

Tennis Tournaments and the Uncertainty of Players

Vaccination and Entry into Tennis TournamentsOf course, there are all related to the covid policies of each country, so not all players are affected. For an unvaccinated player like Djokovic, this will definitely be a big obstacle for this Grand Slam dreams. But for players who have the vaccine and comply with the country’s protocols, then participation in these tournaments are no issue. Except of course, if these players contract the virus after entering the country.

Sites like will also be keeping track of this, as high-profile athletes are influential enough to affect the odds for all the upcoming matches and tournaments. All bets are off if we will be seeing Djokovic fight to play in the French Open. Or, would he will stand by his beliefs and remain unvaccinated- at the expense of his career?


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