Guide to Betting on the Winter Olympics

The 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing will be starting on February 4 and end on February 20. Even though the Winter Olympics are not as popular as the summer Olympics, millions of people still enjoy watching them. Like any other sporting events, this means that there will be plenty of people betting on it as well. However, not everyone knows how to bet on the Olympics. Therefore, we present our Guide to Betting on the Winter Olympics so you can bet on them too!

Even though betting on sports in Georgia is not available, it does not mean you cannot enjoy it somewhere nearby. There are several sportsbooks within driving distance that you can enjoy like in Tennessee and Florida. Furthermore, according to the latest sports news, sports betting in Georgia could be coming soon!

This guide will help you navigate through the world of Olympics betting and the most popular bets to make.

Betting on the Winter Olympics in Beijing

Betting on the Winter Olympics in BeijingIt is true that betting on the Beijing Winter Olympics involves many different sports to bet on.  In fact, the Winter Olympics are made up of 15 disciplines and various events within each. Therefore, this can be dauting for many people that want to bet on sports.

The most popular Winter Olympic sports to bet on include curling, ice hockey, figure skating, bobsleigh and speed skating. Other than hockey and curling, these other sports are won by speed or a judging system. Therefore, betting on these sports may seem daunting.

However, despite these differences, bookies are good at setting odds and make it easy to bet on your favorite skater. For example, a typical figure skating bet would be to bet on a skater to win gold for a certain event.

One of the most popular sports wagers to make is which country will win the most medals. Unlike the Summer Olympics, the countries with the best sports betting odds are very different. This is because different countries excel more in winter sports than others. At the moment, here are the countries with the best odds to have the most Winter Olympics gold medals.

  1. Norway: -500
  2. Germany: +650
  3. Russia: +1000
  4. Canada: +1400
  5. USA: +1400
  6. Netherlands: +4000
  7. China: +10000
  8. Sweden: +15000
  9. Switzerland: +15000
  10. Austria: +20000

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