West Virginia Casino Expansion Bill

West Virginia Casino Expansion Bill

In an effort to increase revenue from gambling, West Virginia has been trying to expand casino locations within the state. It began last month with Senate Bill 100 which would allow casinos in the state to open satellite casinos. Last week, the West Virginia Casino Expansion efforts began to make progress in the legislation. Yesterday, during a Senate vote, the bill made even further with a majority in favor of it.

The introduction of Senate Bill 100 state was made Senator Eric Nelson who hope to reinvigorate struggling businesses with it. According to online casino news, he is specifically hoping to help out struggling shopping malls. After gaining the backing of the Senate Finance Committee, the first reading of SB 100 took place last Thursday.

West Virginia Casino Expansion Bill Passes the Senate

West Virginia Casino Expansion Bill Passes the SenatePassing the senate with a vote of 23-10, is just the second step for the West Virginia Casino Expansion bill. This is because it will now go to the house for further consideration. At the moment, SB 100 is waiting to be given a House Committee so it can get an initial review.

West Virginia is copying Pennsylvania by attempting to legalize satellite casinos to boost revenues. However, the Senate Bill 100 does not have any specification as to what a satellite casino entails. If it does pass, the West Virginia State Lottery Commission with determining what each satellite casino can offer.

Gambling analysts do not believe they will place any limits on game types for their live dealer casino. However, they may place limits on the number of tables and machines in secondary locations.

What we do know is that satellite casinos have to be in the same county as the parent venue.

At the moment, West Virginia offers sports betting, horse betting, dog racing, a lottery and casino games. In addition, current gambling laws restrict casinos to racetracks. However, residents of West Virginia are able to use the online casino option.

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