NFL Stops Daily COVID Testing for Unvaccinated Players

NFL Stops Daily COVID Testing for Unvaccinated Players

The NFL and the Players Association decided to stop daily COVID testing for unvaccinated players. As a result, the league will treat them the same as vaccinated coaches and players. The league published the memo last January 21.

The association said it would add unvaccinated players to its current testing and screening programs. In addition, the league will test anyone who reports developing symptoms.

The NFL’s latest COVID-19 information discharge detailed that 95 percent of players and almost 100 percent of staff individuals are immunized. The change will apply to a bit of gathering.

COVID Testing for Unvaccinated Players

NFL Stops Daily COVID Testing for Unvaccinated PlayersAccording to a football news source, with just eight groups left at the end of the season, approximately 12 unvaccinated players are staying. Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers is one of the unvaccinated players. His 90-day testing exclusion after a positive result will end soon.

In the update, the NFL expressed that the exhaustive, symptom-based way to deal with testing mirrors their new involvement in the omicron variation. Also, it is based on current general wellbeing suggestions and best practices utilized in medical services. It is the best way of finding and treating cases quickly. In addition, it would prevent the virus from spreading.

According to sportsbook software sources, the NFL started encountering an omicron-energized spike in mid-December. From December 12 to January 8, 756 players and 478 staff individuals tried positive. As indicated by the association, the more significant part was asymptomatic, provoking a shift away from day-by-day testing.

From September 5 to December 11, the NFL found the median value of 19,253 tests for every fourteen-day testing period. Therefore, from December 26 to January 8, 12,491 tests were regulated.

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